Launching at last: The Sports Examiner goes to subscriptions

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IN THIS ISSUE: This is the 215th issue of The Sports Examiner and the one comment that we have most often received from readers is “This is great. You should charge for this!”

After months of planning, programming and software testing, our subscription program is now ready and The Sports Examiner Web site has been converted into a portal for subscriptions.

Find out about the subscription plans and how you can still access the current issues for free for about four weeks, after which time our issues will be for subscribers only.

Our pricing is modest and we have great plans for the future, which we’re eager to share with you. Get the details in our Lane One commentary, plus previews of the last full weekend of winter sport before the holiday break:

= p. 5/The Main Event: U.S. Olympic Trials in Short Track on at the Utah Olympic Oval;
= p. 7/Anti-Doping: Oswald Commission disqualifies 2014 Russian women’s hockey team!
= p. 13/Bobsled: Elana Meyers Taylor to drive four-man sled in Innsbruck;
= p. 23/Snowboard: World champ Lindsey Jacobellis takes charge of U.S. Olympic qualifying;
= p. 26/Handball: Women’s World Championship heads for semifinal round in Hamburg.

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