JUDO: Dominicans wins five at Pan American Open

The fourth Pan American Open in 2018 was a showcase for the host country – the Dominican Republic – in Santo Domingo, as the home team won five events and took a total of 13 medals (5-3-5).

A total of 178 judoka from 24 countries competed. This is not a championship event, but a high-level open competition for development purposes.

The U.S. won 12 medals, second-highest in the tournament, but had only one win, from Alisha Galles in the women’s -63 kg class. Summaries:

Pan American Open
Santo Domingo (DOM) ~ 1-2 September 2018
(Full results here)


-60 kg: 1. Julio Molina (GUA); 2. David Agoglia (USA); 3. Johan Rojas (COL) and Daniel Santos (DOM).
-66 kg: 1. Wander Matteo (DOM); 2. Juan Postigos (PER); 3. Gar Uriarte (ESP) and Ricardo Valderrama (VEN).
-73 kg: 1. Jeffrey Ruiz (PUR); 2. Liam Wright (USA); 3. Leider Navarro (COL) and Alonso Wong (PER).
-81 kg: 1. Medickson del Orbe Cortorreal (DOM); 2. Francois Gauthier Drapeau (CAN); 3. Luis Angeles Sotelo (PER) and Igor Herrero (ESP).
-90 kg: 1. Robert Florentino (DOM); 2. Colton Brown (USA); 3. Francisco Balanta (COL) and Daryl Yamamoto Servan (PER).
-100 kg: 1. Shady El Nahas (CAN); 2. Lewis Medina (DOM); 3. Andrew Jacobs (USA) and Jose Nova Al Cantera (DOM).
+100 kg: 1. Pedro Pineda (VEN); 2. Irinel Vasile Chelaru (ESP); 3. Kevin Gauthier (CAN); only entrants.


-48 kg: 1. Estefania Soriano (DOM); 2. Priscilla Morand (MRI); 3. Paola Garcia (PUR) and Anne Suzuki (USA).
-52 kg: 1. Marie Besson (CAN); 2. Alaine Abuan (USA); 3. Francine Echevarria (PUR) and Brillith Gamarra Carbajal (PER).
-57 kg: 1. Wisneybi Machado (VEN); 2. Ana Rosa (DOM); 3. Mariah Holguin (USA) and Luisa Jimenez (DOM).
-63 kg: 1. Alisha Galles (USA); 2. Helene Wezeu Dombeu (CMR); 3. Hanako Kuno (CAN) and Arela Sanchez (DOM).
-70 kg: 1. Eiraima Silvestre (DOM); 2. Chantal Wright (USA); 3. Emely Bautista (DOM) and Shianne Gronen (CAN).
-78 kg: 1. Sarah Myriam Mazouz (GAB); 2. Karen Leon (VEN); 3. Nefeli Papadakis (USA); only entrants.
+78 kg: 1. Melissa Mojica (PUR); 2. Moira Morillo (DOM); 3. Nina Cutro-Kelly (USA) and Mackenzie Williams (USA).