HOCKEY Preview: Women’s Champions Trophy to be awarded in Changzhou

The 23rd Women’s Champions Trophy will be decided in Changzhou (CHN), with six of the world’s top teams playing in a round-robin tournament:

∙ Argentina ~ Defending (2016) champions
∙ China ~ Host country
∙ Great Britain ~ 2016 Olympic Champions
∙ Netherlands ~ 2018 Hockey World Cup Champions
∙ Australia ~ 2018 Commonwealth Games silver medalists
∙ Japan ~ 2018 Asian Games gold medalists

Australia and Japan were invited into the tournament; the other four were qualified based on their achievements in international play (and as host).

This tournament started in 1978 for men and 1987 for women. Argentina has been the big winner in the women’s tournament, winning six of the last seven, in 2008-09-10 and 2012-14-16. Along with their 2001 title, the Argentines have won seven times, to six each for Australia (between 1991-2003) and the Netherlands (between 1987-2011). China (2002), Germany (2006) and South Korea (1989) have each won once.

Once the round-robin is completed, the top two teams will play for the championships, the third and fourth-placed teams will play for bronze and the fifth and sixth-place teams will also play for fifth place.

Look for scores and standings here.

This is the last hurrah for the Women’s Champions Trophy, as the new Hockey Pro League will be introduced in 2019.