Ho Ho Ho: The top stories of 2017, a tumultuous year in Olympic sport

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TSX HEADLINES – for Dec. 25, 2017: This has been anything but a tranquil year in international sport, mixing great performances with uneasy politics, cheating and controversy.

What were the top stories in 2017? We’re starting our count-down from no. 10 to no. 1 over two issues, starting with a tie for no. 10 and working our way to no. 6. Along the way you will meet an unbeatable 6-8 “geant” and a precocious 22-year-old who’s a foot shorter, but who are both the best in the world.

These six stories take us to the worlds of alpine skiing, athletics, cycling football, gymnastics and judo and both breath-taking triumphs and stunning disappointments. Can’t tell you more; you’ll have to read it for yourself!

Review our selections in our Lane One commentary – and guess what nos. 1-5 will be – plus what you need to know about:

(1) ANTI-DOPING: The International Olympic Committee’s Oswald Commission finished its reviews of 46 athletes suspected of doping by issuing decisions disqualifying 11 more Russians. Get the list and which sports (and medals) are impacted.

(2) ATHLETE MARKETING: Germany’s Federal Cartel Office says it won some concessions from the German National Olympic Committee and the IOC regarding athlete advertising and the restrictions of Rule 40 of the Olympic Charter. Is this the first opening of the flood gates?

(3) FREESTYLE SKIING: First-ever World Cup medal for U.S. Moguls skier Troy Murphy and two medals for women’s Moguls star Jaelin Kauf scored a gold and silver in the competitions in China!

This issue includes GLOBETROTTING by Phil Hersh with an exclusive on a figure skating judge under investigation (again); SCENE & HEARD on Anti-Doping ~ Athlete Marketing ~ Cycling ~ Shooting; ON DECK previews of Ice Hockey; SCOREBOARD reports on Alpine Skiing ~ Freestyle Skiing ~ Judo ~ Shooting ~ Snowboard ~Table Tennis, and AGENDA, our calendar of top-level international events.

What you need to know about the worldwide carousel of sports is in The Sports Examiner, your all-in-one briefing on Olympic sport!

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