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GYMNASTICS: Dina Averina wins three golds; Zeng get rare U.S. medal in Baku World Cup

Dominant: Dina and Arina Averina (RUS)

The elite of the Rhythmic Gymnastics world converged on Baku (AZE) for the fourth and final FIG World Cup of 2019, once again confirming the status of Russian twins Dina and Arina Averina as the finest in the world.

Dina, the reigning World Champion, won the All-Around in a rout over Arina by 85.600-79.850, and then picked up golds in the Clubs and Hoop. She also finished second to Israel’s Linoy Ashram in the Ball event, and a bronze in Ball for medals in all five individual programs.

Arina took silvers in the Clubs and Ribbon and finished fifth in Ball for three medals in all.

American Laura Zeng, 19, the only U.S. performer ever to win a World Cup medal, added to her collection with a bronze in Hoop. It’s her sixth career World Cup medal – and fourth in Hoop – and she has won at least one World Cup medal in each of the last four seasons.

Although this was the final World Cup of the 2019 season, the second-level circuit, the World Challenge Cup, will start next week in Guadalajara (ESP) and continue into September. Summaries from Baku:

FIG Rhythmic World Cup/AGF Trophy
Baku (AZE) ~ 26-28 April 2019
(Full results here)

All-Around: 1. Dina Averina (RUS), 85.600; 2. Arina Averina (RUS), 79.850; 3. Vlada Nikolchenko (UKR), 78.900; 4. Katsiaryna Halkina (BLR), 78.200; 5. Katrin Taseva (BUL), 78.150. Also in the top 25: 19. Laura Zeng (USA), 71.350; … 25. Camilla Feeley (USA), 67.950.

Ball: 1. Linoy Asham (ISR), 21.750; 2. D. Averina (RUS), 21.100; 3. Halkina (BLR), 20.500.

Clubs: 1. D. Averina (RUS), 22.500; 2. A. Averina (RUS), 22.300; 3. Nikolchenko (UKR), 21.400.

Hoop: 1. D. Averina (RUS), 22.000; 2. Ashram (ISR), 21.850; 3. Zeng (USA), 20.350.

Ribbon: 1. Anastasiia Salos (BLR), 20.650; 2. A. Averina (RUS), 20.600; 3. D. Averina (RUS), 20.250.

Group/All-Around: 1. Japan, 49.250; 2. Russia, 48.950; 3. Bulgaria, 48.850. Also: 13. United States, 39.800.

Group/5 Balls: 1. Russia, 24.850; 2. Japan, 24.450; 3. Ukraine, 24.350.

Group/3 Hoops+2 Clubs: 1. Bulgaria, 25.550; 2. Russia, 25.250; 3. Ukraine, 25.150.

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