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FENCING: No. 1s Foconi and Deriglazova win, while U.S. earns five Foil medals

Russia's Olympic and World Foil Champion Inna Deriglazova

The American Foil teams are among the best in the world and they were showcased as the FIE World Cup circuit resumed in Europe with competitions in Paris (FRA) and Katowice (POL).

At the Challenge International de Paris, Italy’s top-ranked Alessio Foconi confirmed his top ranking with tight, 15-12 wins over Americans Race Imboden in the semifinals and then Gerek Meinhardt in the final. For Foconi, he defended his 2018 Paris title and won his second World Cup gold medal.

Meinhardt, who came into the tournament ranked 15th in the world, won his first-ever World Cup silver medal, to go along with six career World Cup bronzes. He teamed up with Imboden, Miles Chamley-Watson and Alex Massialas for a bronze medal on Sunday in the Team event.

In Poland, no. 1-ranked Inna Deriglazova of Russia – the reigning Olympic gold medalist from Rio – won again for her ninth career World Cup gold. She also defended her 2018 title in this tournament; she now has an impressive 21 career World Cup medals. She defeated surprise finalist Leonie Ebert (GER), who won only her second career World Cup medal, and her first silver.

American Lee Kiefer was third in Katowice, losing to Ebert in the semifinals, but collecting her 10th career World Cup hardware. It’s the fifth straight year in which Kiefer has won a World Cup medal. She helped the U.S. team to the final of the women’s Team event, but the American squad fell to France, 45-26.

Epee World Cups were held in Heidenheim (GER) and Havana (CUB), with a new cast of characters on the podium. At the Heidenheim Cup, France’s Alexandre Bardenet won his first World Cup gold – at age 28 – and runner-up Davide di Veroli (ITA) won his first-ever World Cup medal. Bronze medalist Georgiy Bruev (RUS) won his first World Cup medal as well, and Koki Kano (JPN), just 21, won his third World Cup medal, all bronzes.

In Havana, Hong Kong’s Vivian Kong was the winner of the women’s Epee tournament, overcoming Auriane Mallo of France in the final, 15-8. Kong is ranked seventh worldwide and won her first World Cup gold and sixth career World Cup medal. For Mallo, it was her first World Cup medal, at age 25. Summaries:

FIE World Cup
Heidenheim (GER) ~ 11-13 January 2019
(Full results here)

Men’s Epee: 1. Alexandre Bardenet (FRA); 2. Davide di Veroli (ITA); 3. Georgiy Bruev (RUS) and Koki Kano (JPN). Semis: Bardenet d. Bruev, 15-11; di Veroli d. Kano, 9-8. Final: Bardenet d. di Veroli, 15-7.

Men’s Team Epee: 1. Russia; 2. Hungary; 3. Italy; 4. Poland. Semis: Hungary d. Poland, 41-32; Russia d. Italy, 45-44. Third: Italy d. Poland, 45-31. Final: Russia d. Hungary, 35-30.

FIE World Cup
Havana (CUB) ~ 11-13 January 2019
(Full results here)

Women’s Epee: 1. Man Wai Vivian Kong (HKG); 2. Auriane Mallo (FRA); 3. Nicol Foietta (ITA) and Young Mi Kang (KOR). Semis: Kong d. Foietta, 15-7; Mallo d. Kang, 15-9. Final: Kong d. Mallo, 15-8.

Women’s Team Epee: 1. Estonia; 2. Poland; 3. Russia; 4. China. Semis: Estonia d. China, 45-23; Poland d. Russia, 4-43. Third: Russia d. China, 42-35. Final: Estonia d. Poland, 34-33.

FIE World Cup
Paris (FRA) ~ 11-13 January 2019
(Full results here)

Men’s Foil: 1. Alessio Foconi (ITA); 2. Gerek Meinhardt (USA); 3. Giorgio Avola (ITA) and Race Imboden (USA). Semis: Foconi d. Imboden, 15-12; Meinhardt d. Avola, 15-13. Final: Foconi d. Meinhardt, 15-12.

Men’s Team Foil: 1. Russia; 2. Italy; 3. United States; 4. Korea. Semis: Russia d. U.S., 45-36; Italy d. Korea, 45-33. Third: U.S. d. Korea, 45-41. Final: Russia d. Italy, 45-40.

FIE World Cup
Katowice (POL) ~ 11-13 January 2019
(Full results here)

Women’s Foil: 1. Inna Deriglazova (RUS); 2. Leonie Ebert (GER); 3. Arianna Errigo (ITA) and Lee Kiefer (USA). Semis: Deriglazova d. Errigo, 15-10; Ebert d. Kiefer, 15-12. Final: Deriglazova d. Ebert, 13-9.

Women’s Team Foil: 1. France; 2. United States; 3. Italy; 4. Russia. Semis: France d. Italy, 45-44; U.S. d. Russia, 45-43. Third: Italy d. Russia, 45-38. Final: France d. U.S., 45-26.

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