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FENCING: Five first-time champions at 2019 USA Fencing Nationals in Columbus

U.S. Epee champ Alex Tsinis, winner of the 2019 Summer Nationals

With the top American fencers at the Pan American Championships, there was no doubt that there would be new champions at the 2019 USA Fencing Summer Nationals in Columbus, Ohio.

In fact, five of the six winners were at the top of the podium for the first time, with only men’s Epee winner Alexander Tsinis a familiar face, claiming a national gold after winning back-to-back titles in 2012-13.

In the women’s Epee, Emily Vermuele claimed a tight, 15-14 win over 2014 national titlist Margherita Guzzi Vincenti.

Women’s Foil champ Iman Blow, a four-time U.S. national team member in the Cadet and Junior ranks, won for the first time at the senior level. Summaries:

USA Fencing National Championships
Columbus, Ohio (USA) ~ 27 June-2 July 2019
(Full results here)


Epee: 1. Alexander Tsinis; 2. Stephen Ewart, Jr.; 3. Justin Yoo and Dylan Nollner. Semis: Tsinis d. Yoo, 15-14; Ewart d. Nollner, 15-14. Final: Tsinis d. Ewart, 15-11.

Foil: 1. Daniel Zhang; 2. Dmitri Trifimov (RUS); 3. Adam Mathieu and Sidarth Kumbla. Semis: Zhang d. Kumbla, 15-11; Trifimov d. Mathieu, 15-11. Final: Zhang d. Trifimov, 15-14.

Sabre: 1. Jonah Shainberg; 2. Peter Souders; 3. Daniel Kwak and Josef Cohen. Semis: Souders d. Cohen, 15-14; Shainberg d. Kwak, 15-12. Final: Shainberg d. Souders, 15-11.


Epee: 1. Emily Vermuele; 2. Margherita Guzzi Vincenti; 3. Natalie Vie and Elizabeth Wang. Semis: Vermuele d. Wang, 15-10; Guzzi Vincenti d. Vie, 15-9. Final: Vermuele d. Guzzi Vincenti, 15-14.

Foil: 1. Iman Blow; 2. May Tieu; 3. Sabrina Massialas and Sylvie Binder. Semis: Tieu d. Binder, 15-7; Blow d. Massialas, 15-13. Final: Blow d. Tieu, 15-12.

Sabre: 1. Sada Baby; 2. Edith Johnson; 3. Chloe Gouhin and Elizabeth Tartakovsky. Semis: Baby d. Tartakovsky, 15-13; Johnson d. Gouhin, 15-12. Final: Baby d. Johnson, 15-12.

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