EXTRA: U.S. continues sudden medal rush, while Russia lobbies to end suspension

TSX EXTRA – for Feb. 22, 2018: Although not expected to be at the top of the medal table in PyeongChang, the U.S. Olympic Team was definitely underperforming through most of the Winter Games.

Suddenly, however, there’s been a medal rush – and more to come – as the Games slide toward the finish on Sunday.

That’s the good news for U.S. fans, especially the heart-pounding win over Canada in the women’s ice hockey final. But for those watching the international politics of the Olympic Movement, the newest fight is over Russia.

Will the IOC lift its suspension of the Russian National Olympic Committee in time for its athletes to march under the Russian flag in the Closing Ceremony? The Russians are making dramatic steps to help make that happen; we have the details, plus:

  • A big win for the U.S. as one of its gold medalists is elected to serve on the IOC;
  • Team scoring: the U.S. performance surge is within 10 points of no. 2 Germany!
  • Medal rush: details of U.S. medals in Alpine, Freestyle and Snowboard;
  • Inspiring win for the U.S. women in ice-hockey rematch with Canada!
  • Stunner: U.S. beats Canada in men’s Curling; will play for gold on Saturday!