EXTRA: Shock and awe: stunning upsets and an Olympic three-peat

Red Gerard of the U.S. after winning gold in the men's Snowboard Slopestyle!

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TSX EXTRA – for Feb. 11, 2018: Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you did before you got to the Olympics, just that you got there. Then, you can worry about winning.

That’s what happened on the second full day of competition in Korea, as the men’s Luge was supposed to be a coronation of Germany’s great Felix Loch. Instead, a guy who hadn’t won a World Cup medal in his life took the gold.

An American slider who had been having what could charitably been called a mediocre season, won silver. And there were similar stories in other sports.

Of course, Dutch star Sven Kramer won his third straight 5,000 m race in Speed Skating and set an Olympic Record in doing so. So some things can be counted on.

The U.S. got its first two medals of the Games, with the details in this EXTRA edition, with sport-by-sport coverage of medal events in Biathlon ~ Cross Country ~ Freestyle Skiing ~ Luge ~ Snowboard ~ Speed Skating.

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