CYCLING Preview: Look for the Union Jack on the podium in London World Cup

The fourth of six UCI Track Cycling World Cup events takes place in London (GBR) this week, with a strong British squad expected to deliver a strong performance.

Britain has been the big power in Olympic track cycling, winning six of 15 medals in the five men’s events in Rio and five of 15 among the women (11/30 total). The individual event winners at the prior World Cups for events on the London schedule:

I: Matthew Glaetzer (AUS)
II: Matthew Glaetzer (AUS)
III: Matthew Glaetzer (AUS)

I: Yuka Wakimoto (JPN)
II: Jason Kenny (GBR)
III: Mattijs Buchli (SUI)

I: Albert Torres Barcelo (ESP)
II: Benjamin Thomas (FRA)
III: Sam Welsford (AUS)

I: L. Hansen/M. Morkov (DEN)
II: C. Von Folsach/J. Johansen (DEN)
III: L. Hansen/C. Von Folsach (DEN)

I: Wai Sze Lee (TPE)
II: Wai Sze Lee (TPE)
III: Stephanie Morton (AUS)

I: Laurine van Riessen (NED)
II: Madalyn Godby (USA)
III: Laurine van Riessen (NED)

I: Kirsten Wild (NED)
II: Laura Kenny (GBR)
III: Kate Archibald (GBR)

I: A. Dideriksen/J. Leth (DEN)
II: K. Archibald/E. Barker (GBR)
III: L. Kenny/E. Nelson (GBR)

Only Glaetzer has won an event in all three, but Denmark has dominated the three men’s Madison races so far.

NBC’s Olympic Channel has coverage from London on Sunday at 5 p.m. Eastern time (delayed). Look for results here.