CYCLING: Pierron and Atherton win MTB Downhills while U.S. teens sweep Freestyle Park World Cup in France

2017 BMX Freestyle World Champion Hannah Roberts

The big stars were the big winners in the cycling Mountain Bike and BMX Freestyle World Cup events in Scotland and France on Sunday.

At Fort William in Scotland, British Mountain Bike superstar Rachel Atherton won her fourth World Cup Downhill at this venue to go along with victories in 2013-15-16. It wasn’t easy, as she traded the lead at interval after interval with Australia’s Tracey Hannah, who ultimately finished second, just 1.611 seconds behind.

The men’s race was won more comfortably by reigning World Cup Downhill champ Amaury Pierron of France, who won at Ft. William for the second straight year. He led from the start and had the advantage over the field at every checkpoint on his way to a 3.582-second victory over Troy Brosnan (AUS).

In the BMX Freestyle Park World Cup in Monpellier (FRA) – part of the larger FISE skating program – it was 2017 World Champion Hannah Roberts, still just 17, who won once again, with an impressive 93.00 score, ahead of fellow American Perris Benegas (90.60). They were the only riders to score over 90 points.

In the men’s division, 19-year-old American Justin Dowell scored 91.20 points and it held up for the win over Russia’s Irek Rizaev (90.00) as the top riders from the semis all had problems. Dowell qualified only 10th, but upped his score from 87.38 to not only take the lead, but hold on to it. Summaries:

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup
Ft. William (GBR) ~ 1-2 June 2019
(Full results here)

Men/Downhill (3.03 km): 1. Amaury Pierron (FRA), 4:28.578; 2. Troy Brosnan (AUS), 4:32.160; 3. Loris Vergier (FRA), 4:32.209; 4. Finn Iles (CAN), 4:35.781; 5. Danny Hart (GBR), 4:36.096. Also in the top 25: 13. Dakotah Norton (USA), 4:39.634; … 22. Neko Mulally (USA), 4:43.666.

Women/Downhill (3.03 km): 1. Rachel Atherton (GBR), 5:15.560; 2. Tracey Hannah (AUS), 5:17.171; 3. Nina Hoffmann (GER), 5:24.382; 4. Marine Cabirou (FRA), 5:28.934; 5. Veronika Widmann (ITA), 5:31.295.

UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup
Montpellier (FRA) ~ 29 May-2 June 2019
(Full results here)

Men/Freestyle Park: 1. Justin Dowell (USA), 91.20; 2. Irek Rizaev (RUS), 90.00; 3. Logan Martin (AUS), 89.30; 4. Nick Bruce (USA), 87.20; 5. Rimu Nakamura (JPN), 86.80. Also in the top 10: 7. Daniel Sandoval (USA), 83.80.

Women/Freestyle Park: 1. Hannah Roberts (USA), 93.00; 2. Perris Benegas (USA), 90.60; 3. Lara Lessmann (GER), 84.60; 4. Nikita Ducarroz (FRA), 84.00; 5. Chelsea Wolfe (USA), 82.60. Also in the top 10: 10. Angie Marino (USA), 72.20.