CYCLING: Lavreysen ends Glaetzer’s streak in London World Cup Sprint

It took four tries, but someone finally beat Australia’s Matthew Glaetzer in a World Cup sprint.

Competing in London’s Lee Valley VeloPark, Glaetzer made it to the final against Harrie Lavreysen (NED), and got swept in the final, losing by 0.092 seconds in the first race and by 0.411 in the second. Still, Glaetzer now has made four straight World Cup finals.

Lavreysen also collected a second gold in the event with a win in the Team Sprint, with Roy van den Berg and Matthijs Buchli (who also won the Keirin).

The big winner among the women was also a sprinter, Australia’s Stephanie Morton, who won the Sprint for her second World Cup win this season, and also took the Keirin. The only other double winner for the women was Britain’s Katie Archibald, who teamed with Laura Kenny to win the Madison, and was part of Britain’s Team Pursuit champions.

The U.S. women won two medals, with Jennifer Valente finishing second to Kirsten Wild (NED) in the Omnium, and the team of Christina Birch, Kelly Catlin, Kimberly Geist and Emma White finishing second to Great Britain in the Team Pursuit. Summaries:

UCI Track Cycling World Cup
London (GBR) ~ 13-16 December 2018
(Full results here)


Sprint: 1. Harrie Lavreysen (NED); 2. Matthew Glaetzer (AUS); Third: 3. Jeffrey Hoogland (NED); 4. Jack Carlin (GBR).

Team Sprint: 1. Netherlands (van den Berg, Lavreysen, Buchli), 42.789; 2. Great Britain, 44.186. Third: 3. Germany, 44.001; 4. Poland, 44.842.

Team Pursuit: 1. Huub Wattbike Test Team (GBR), 3:57.726; 2. Belgium, 3:59.014; Third: 3. Great Britain, 3:59.609; 4. Italy, 3:59.639.

Keirin: 1. Matthijs Buchli (NED); 2. Mohd Awang (MAS), +0.033; 3. Theo Bos (NED), +0.180.

Omnium: 1. Matthew Walls (GBR), 121 points; 2. Ignacio Prado Juarez (MEX), 123; 3. Elia Viviani (ITA), 114.

Madison (120 laps): 1. Julius Johansen/Casper von Folsach (DEN), 46 points; 2. Fred Wright/Matthew Walls (GBR), 30; 3. Albert Torres Barcelo/Sebastian Mora Vedri (ESP), 21.


Sprint: 1. Stephanie Morton (AUS); 2. Emma Hinze (GER); Third: 3. Laurine van Riessen (NED); 4. Olena Starikova (UKR).

Team Sprint: 1. Junhong Lin/Tianshi Zhong (CHN), 32.771; 2. Miriam Welte/Emma Hinze (GER), 32.808. Third: 3. Kyra Lamberink/Shanne Braspennincx (NED), 33.145; 4. Sandie Clair/Mathilde Gros (FRA), 33.494.

Team Pursuit: 1. Great Britain (Archibald, Dickinson, Evans, Kenny); 2. United States (Christina Birch, Kelly Catlin, Kimberly Geist, Emma White), overtaken. Third: 3. Italy, 4:23.765; 4. Team Breeze (GBR), 4:24.512.

Keirin: 1. Morton (AUS); 2. Daria Shmeleva (RUS), +0.012; 3. Urszula Los (POL), +0.012.

Omnium: 1. Kirsten Wild (NED), 124 points; 2. Jennifer Valente (USA), 118; 3. Allison Beveridge (CAN), 106.

Madison: 1. Katie Archibald/Laura Kenny (GBR), 34; 2. Amy Cure/Annette Edmondson (AUS), 19; 3. Jolien D’Hoore/Lotte Kopecky (BEL), 17.