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CYCLING: Glaetzer stays perfect in Berlin Track World Cup

The third leg of the UCI Track Cycling World continued to confirm that Australia’s Matthew Glaezter is the world’s finest sprinter.

The 2018 World Champion in the event, he became the only rider to win all three legs of the World Cup with a win in Berlin (GER) over Matthijs Buchli of the Netherlands, by two races to none in the final.

Buchli managed a win over Glaetzer in the Keirin, however, so both had a week over the weekend.

Dutch rider Laurine van Riessen, last season’s World Cup Sprint winner, won the Kierin in Berlin for her second victory in three World Cups this season.

American Jennifer Valente, who won the World Cup Omnium title last season, scored another medal with a bronze.

The World Cup continues in London (GBR) in two weeks, with the final two legs in Cambridge (NZL) and Hong Kong in January. Summaries:

UCI Track Cycling World Cup
Berlin (GER) ~ 30 November-2 December 2018
(Full results here)


Sprint: 1. Matthew Glaetzer (AUS); 2. Matthijs Buchli (NED). Third: 3. Rayan Helal (FRA); 4. Maetusz Rudyk (POL).

Team Sprint: 1. Netherlands (van Thoenderdaal, Lavreysen, Hoogland), 42.467; 2. Great Britain, 42.981. Third: 3. Germany, 43.788; 4. Beat Cycling (NED), 44.220.

Team Pursuit: 1. Australia (Welsford, O’Brien, Porter, Howard), 3:51.210; 2. Denmark, 3:54.703. Third: 3. Canada, 3:56.339; 4. Huub Wattbike (GBR), 3:57.094.

1,000 m Time Trial: 1. Joachim Eilers (GER), 1:00.65; 2. Quentin Lafargue (FRA), 1:00.660; 3. Theo Bos (NED), 1:00.868.

Keirin: 1. Buchli (NED); 2. Glaetzer (AUS), +0.213; 3. Mohd Awang (MAS), +0.240.

Omnium: 1. Sam Welsford (AUS), 128; 2. Albert Torres Barcelo (ESP), 118; 3. Jan Willem van Schip (NED), 113.

Madison: 1. Lasse Norman Hansen/Casper von Folsach (DEN), 44 points; 2. Mark Stewart/Oliver Wood (GBR), 30; 3. Roger Kluge/Theo Reinhardt (GER), 24.


Sprint: 1. Stephanie Morton (AUS); 2. Anastasiia Voinova (RUS); Third: 3. Olena Starikova (UKR); 4. Daria Shmeleva (RUS).

Team Sprint: 1. Daria Shmeleva/Anastasiia Voinova (Gazprom-Rusvelo/RUS), 32.633; 2. Miriam Welte/Emma Hinze (GER), 32.922; Third: 3. Junhong Lin/Tianshi Zhong (CHN), 33.336; 4. Kyra Lamberink/Elis Ligtlee (NED), 33.395.

Team Pursuit: 1. Great Britain (Archibald, Kay, Kenny, Nelson), 4:16.153; 2. Australia, 4:16.143. Third: Canada overtakes Italy.

500 m Time Trial: 1. Olena Starikova (UKR), 33.210; 2. Miriam Welte (GER), 33.400; 3. Daria Shmeleva (RUS), 33.435.

Keirin: 1. Laurine van Riessen (NED); 2. Emma Hinze (GER), +0.071; 3. Yuka Kobayashi (JPN), +0.128.

Omnium: 1. Katie Archibald (GBR), 132 points; 2. Letizia Paternoster (ITA), 118; 3. Jennifer Valente (USA), 116.

Madison: 1. Laura Kenny/Emily Nelson (GBR), 37 points; 2. Julie Leth/Trine Schmidt (DEN), 28; 3. Jolien D’Hoore/Lotte Kopecky (BEL), 14. Also: 5. Jennifer Valente/Kendall Ryan (USA), 8.

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