CYCLING: Glaetzer & Lee repeat as Sprint champs at Track Cycling World Cup

Australia's Track Cycling Sprint World Champion Matthew Glaetzer

Australia’s reigning Sprint World Champion Matthew Glaetzer won his second straight UCI Track Cycling World Cup to highlight the second leg of the World Cup, held in Milton, Canada.

Glaetzer qualified for the final with a two-race sweep in the semifinals over fellow Australian Nathan Hart and then faced 2017 World Championships silver medalist Harrie Lavreysen (NED). In the first race, it was Lavreysen who got to the line first, with Glaetzer by 0.101.

But Glaetzer was hardly fazed and equaled the score with a win in the second race – but just barely – by 0.040 to set up the decider. The final race was tight, but Glaetzer got the win in 0.093.

The women’s Sprint also featured a decorated star, Hong Kong’s Wai Sze Lee, who also won last week in Saint Quentin (FRA). She won two straight races in the final over Emma Hinze (GER), her second straight sweep in the event in this season’s World Cup.

The U.S. had a stronger profile in this event than in the first World Cup in France, and collected three medals: a win for Madalyn Godby in the women’s Keirin, a bronze for Jennifer Valente in the women’s Scratch Race and Omnium, a bronze for Daniel Holloway and Adrian Hegyvary in the men’s Madison.

After Milton, the racers get a break and won’t reconvene until the end of November in Berlin (GER). Summaries:

UCI Track Cycling World Cup no. 2
Milton (CAN) ~ 26-28 October 2018
(Full results here)


Sprint: 1. Matthew Glaetzer (AUS); 2. Harrie Lavreysen (NED); 3. Jeffrey Hoogland; 4. Nathan Hart (AUS). Final: Glaetzer d. Lavreysen, 2-1.

Team Sprint: 1. Netherlands (van Thoenderdaal, Lavreysen, Hoogland), 42.828; 2. Beat Cycling (NED), 43.306; Third: 3. Great Britain, 43.126; 4. New Zealand, 43.869.

Team Pursuit: 1. Denmark (von Folsach, Hansen, Johansen, Pedersen), 3:53.499; 2. Hubb Wattbike (GBR), 3:56.699; Third: 3. Great Britain, 3:54.134; 4. France, 3:56.156.

Keirin (6 laps): 1. Jason Kenny (GBR); 2. Hugo Barrette (CAN), +0.042; 3. Matthijs Buchli (NED), +0.089.

Scratch Race (60 laps): 1. Vitaly Hryniv (UKR); 2. Oliver Wood (GBR), one lap down; 3. Christos Volikakis (GRE), one lap down.

Omnium: 1. Benjamin Thomas (FRA), 144; 2. Mark Stewart (GBR), 134; 3. Campbell Stewart (NZL), 132. Also: 9. Daniel Holloway (USA), 79.

Madison: 1. Casper von Folsach/Julius Johansen (DEN), 38; 2. Mark Stewart/Oliver Wood (GBR), 28; 3. Daniel Holloway/Adrian Hegyvary (USA), 25.


Sprint: 1. Wai Sze Lee (HKG); 2. Emma Hinze (GER); 3. Stephanie Morton (AUS); 4. Daria Shmeleva (RUS). Final: Lee d. Hinze, 2-0.

Team Sprint: 1. Kaarle McCullouch/Stephanie Morton (AUS), 32.456; 2. Miriam Welte/Emma Hinze (GER), 32.693. Third: 3. Darla Shmeleva/Anastasiia Voinova (RUS), 32.692; 4. Kyra Lamberink/Hetty van de Wouw (NED), 33.118.

Team Pursuit: 1. Great Britain (Kenny, Archibald, Barker, Dickinson), 4:18.138; 2. Italy, 4:21.936. Third: 3. New Zealand, 4:19.247; 4. Germany, 4:19.668.

Keirin (6 laps): 1. Madalyn Godby (USA); 2. Morton (AUS), +0.050; 3. Martha Bayona Pineda (OL), +0.090.

Scratch Race (40 laps): 1. Alexandra Goncharova (RUS); 2. Olivija Baleisyte (LTU); 3. Jennifer Valente (USA).

Omnium: 1. Laura Kenny (GBR), 133; 2. Lizeth Yarely Salazar (MEX), 115; 3. Valente (USA), 113.

Madison (80 laps): 1. Katie Archibald/Elinor Barker (GBR), 36 points; 2. Amalie Dideriksen/Julie Leth (DEN), 19; 3. Allison Beveridge/Stephanie Roorda (CAN), 13. Also: 15. Christina Birch/ Kimberly Geist (USA), -20.