Combine “Just Say No” with a zero-sum policy to stifle Olympic expansion

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TSX HEADLINES – for May 4, 2018: Somewhere deep inside the Tokyo government and the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, a staff member is shaking their head at why – with the Games costing so much – six sports, 18 events and 474 athletes were added at Tokyo’s suggestion to the Olympic program.

With the explosion of costs and complexity, how can organizing committees (and host cities) be expected to support a continuously-expanding Games?

At the same time, innovation is needed. So what can be done?

We explore the concept of “Just Say No” to the army of sports that want to be part of the Games, perhaps coupled with a zero-sum view that if any sports or events are added, something now in the Games should be subtracted.

And in looking at the sports added to the Olympic program since 1948, judge for yourself whether all or some of these are really making the Games better.

All the details are collected in our Lane One commentary, plus:

(1) THE TICKER: IOC files an appeal with the Swiss Federal Tribunal from the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s reversal of the IOC’s disciplinary commission findings from Sochi 2014, plus boxing is still on the hot seat, and not assured to be in Tokyo 2020.

(2) THE BIG PICTURE: Kenyan Asbel Kiprop caught for doping, but he says it can’t be; IOC tells Tunisia that if it won’t allow Israeli athletes to compete there, its bid for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in Tunis is dead.

(3) ICE HOCKEY: The International Ice Hockey Federation’s World Championships starts in Denmark with Canada-United States!

(4) SWIMMING: World champions Jordan Wilimovsky, Haley Anderson and Ashley Twichell headline the U.S. national championships in Tempe.

(5) WRESTLING: Three-time world champ Adeline Gray leads a powerhouse U.S. team at the Pan American Championships in Peru.

This issue includes ON DECK previews of Athletics ~ Diving ~ Fencing ~ Gymnastics ~ Ice Hockey ~ Sport Climbing ~ Swimming ~ Wrestling,, plus AGENDA, our exclusive calendar of upcoming international events!

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