Why can’t Olympic sports be more like college football?

Auburn's Chris Davis returns a missed field goal for the winning touchdown against Alabama.

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IN THIS ISSUE – This past weekend was a great one in Olympic sports … and college football.

Fans of both were attending spectacular events in the thousands and there were rapt audiences watching on television.

In the U.S. anyway, there were a lot more people watching college football, however, as the season progresses toward the conference championship games and the College Football Playoff.

Can’t the winter sports learn from this and create similar passion in a planned, coordinated climax to each season?

It can happen, and we have the details on how it could be arranged in our Lane One commentary, plus all the results and surprises of a big weekend of action:

= p. 6/Anti-Doping: Another four Russians caught for doping in Sochi and disqualified;
= p. 7/Athletics: IAAF Council punts on world record review and transfer regulations;
= p. 8/Alpine Skiing: Gold in Killington for U.S. Slalom queen Mikaela Shiffrin!
= p. 11/Basketball: U.S. men sweep first two games in FIBA World Cup qualifying;
= p. 14/Cross Country: Sensational silver medal for Sadie Bjornsen in Finland!
= p. 15/Figure Skating: Nathan Chen & the ShibSibs mine gold at Skate America;
= p. 19/Luge: U.S. women shine in Germany as Erin Hamlin makes fourth OWG team!

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