BOBSLED & SKELETON Preview: Season titles on the line in World Cup finale in Calgary

The eighth and final World Cup of the 2018-19 season is upon us, this year in Calgary (CAN) with all of the season titles on the line. The standings:

Men’s 2:
1. 1,575 Francesco Friedrich (GER) ~ Seven races, seven wins
2. 1,388 Oskats Kibermanis (LAT) ~ Two silvers, three bronzes
3. 1,038 Nico Walther (GER)
4. 1,016 Dominik Dvorak (CZE)
5. 948 Yun-Jong Won (KOR)

Men’s 4:
1. 1,502 Francesco Friedrich (GER) ~ Four wins, one silver, one bronze
2. 1,424 Oskars Kibermans (LAT) ~ Four silvers, one bronze
3. 1,405 Johannes Lochner (GER) ~ One win, two silvers, two bronzes
4. 1,321 Nico Walther (GER) ~ One win, two bronzes
5. 1,320 Maxim Andrianov (RUS) ~ One bronze

Women’s 2:
1. 1,487 Mariama Jamanka (GER) ~ Three wins, two silvers, one bronze
2. 1,396 Stephanie Schneider (GER) ~ Two wins, one silver, two bronzes
3. 1,304 Anna Kohler (GER) ~ One bronze
4. 1,260 Elana Meyers Taylor (USA) ~ Two wins, one second, two bronzes
5. 1,202 Nadezhda Sergeeva (RUS) ~ One bronze

Bobsleigh World Cup scoring has a lot of points: 225-210-200-192-184 for the top five and on down to 50 points for 23rd. So there could be significant jostling of positions if a sled crashes or is otherwise off its game.

Meyers Taylor was disqualified in Innsbruck (AUT) in the season opener because her sled weighed in light. Otherwise, she could be second and breathing down the neck of Jamanka; as it is, Meyers Taylor still has a good shot at moving up to third this week.

This is the first World Cup in Calgary since 2014, and the availability of track means that the Skeleton races canceled in Konigssee (GER) due to weather can be made up. The standings:

1. 1,269 Alexander Tretiakov (RUS) ~ Three wins, one silver
2. 1,245 Sung-bin Yun (KOR) ~ One win, two silver, three bronzes
3. 1,161 Nikita Tregubov (RUS) ~ One win, two bronzes
4. 1,141 Martins Dukurs (LAT) ~ One win, two silvers
5. 1,122 Axel Jungk (GER) ~ One silver, one bronze

1. 1,287 Elena Nikitina (RUS) ~ Three wins, two silvers
2. 1,244 Jacqueline Loelling (GER) ~ Two wins, one silver, two bronzes
3. 1,162 Tina Hermann (GER) ~ One silver, one bronze
4. 1,056 Sophia Griebel (GER)
5. 961 Mirela Rahneva (CAN) ~ One win

American Kendall Wesenberg has moved into sixth place in the women’s standings with 888 points, thanks to a third-place finish in Lake Placid last week.

NBC’s Olympic Channel has coverage from Calgary on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, and on Sunday at 5 p.m. Eastern. Look for results here.