ARCHERY: Turkey dominates Berlin World Cup as Gazoz defends his 2018 victory

The newest Korean star: 18-year-old San An (Photo: World Archery)

Turkey’s 20-year-old Mete Gazoz loves Berlin, winning the 2019 World Archery World Cup stage on Sunday and defending his title from 2018. Add in a team victory and he left with two golds on the weekend and a place in the forthcoming World Cup Final in Moscow (RUS).

“I really love to shoot in this venue,” said Gazoz. “I can read the wind really easily and know where to aim. I’m really happy to shoot here and everything went really well.

“Our team final went to a shoot-off and before this individual match I said, ‘okay, enough shoot-offs’. No more. I can beat him in straight sets.”

Gazoz dispatched Korea’s first-time World Cup finalist Jae-Hyeon Bae by 6-0 in the final, after his team edged Ukraine in a 27-26 shoot-off in the team final earlier in the day. The U.S. team of Brady Ellison, Jack Williams and Matthew Requa earned a team bronze.

The women’s Recurve title went to a new Korean star, 18-year-old San An, who blanked countrywoman Ina Jeon, 6-0. It was An’s first international tournament on the senior level and she will now advance of the World Cup Final as well.

American Alexis Ruiz, who had scored medal in each of the prior three stages, won the women’s Compound division over France’s Sophie Dodemont, 143-141. That’s pretty good for a 19-year-old rookie on the World Cup tour and she’s also off to Moscow for the World Cup Final.

“It means everything. I worked so hard this year. Being on the finals on every stage, I think it all led up to this,” said Ruiz. Summaries:

World Archery World Cup
Berlin (GER) ~ 1-6 July 2019
(Full results here)


Recurve: 1. Mete Gazoz (TUR); 2. Jae-Hyeon Bae (KOR); 3. Mauro Nespoli (ITA); 4. Jin-Hyek Oh (KOR). Semis: Bae d. Oh, 6-4; Gazoz d. Nespoli, 6-5 (shoot-off: 9-9); Third: Nespoli d. Oh, 6-2. Final: Gazoz d. Bae, 6-0.

Team Recurve: 1. Turkey (Gazoz, Aydin, Ak); 2. Ukraine; 3. United States (Brady Ellison, Jack Williams, Matthew Requa); 4. Canada. Semis: Turkey d. U.S., 5-4 (shoot-off: 28-26); Ukraine d. Canada, 5-1. Third: U.S. d. Canada, 6-2. Final: Turkey d. Ukraine, 5-4 (shoot-off: 27-26).

Compound: 1. Evren Cagiran (TUR); 2. Mike Schloesser (NED); 3. Kris Schaff (USA); 4. Braden Gellenthien (USA). Semis: Cagiren d. Schaff, 144-141; Schloesser d. Gellenthien, 145-142. Third: Schaff d. Gellenthien, 144-141. Final: Cagiran d. Schloesser (145-145 (shoot-off: 10-9).

Team Compound: 1. France (Pierre-Julien Deloche, Jean-Philppe Boulch, Sebastien Peineau); 2. Denmark; 3. United States (Matt Sullivan, Kris Schaff, Braden Gellenthien); 4. Germany. Semis: France d. Germany, 231-229; Denmark d. U.S., 231-230. Third: U.S. 233, Germany, 229. Final: France 230, Denmark, 228.


Recurve: 1. San An (KOR); 2. Ina Jeon (KOR); 3. Ya-Ting Tan (TPE); 4. Qixuan An (CHN). Semis: S. An d. Tan, 6-0; Jeon d. Q. An, 6-4. Third: Tan d. Q. An, 6-0. Final: S. An d. Jeon, 6-0.

Team Recurve: 1. Italy (Giaccheri, Rebagliati, Tonetta); 2. Germany; 3. Korea; 4. Chinese Taipei. Semis: Italy d. Chinese Taipei, 5-1; Germany d. Korea, 5-4 (shoot-off: 26-21). Third: Korea d. Chinese Taipei, 5-1. Final: Italy d. Germany, 5-1.

Compound: 1. Alexis Ruiz (USA); 2. Sophie Dodemont (FRA); 3. Sara Lopez (COL); 4. Yesim Bostan (TUR). Semis: Ruiz d. Lopez, 145-144; Dodemont d. Bostan, 142-141. Third: Lopez d. Bostan, 147-147 (shoot-off: 9-8). Final: Ruiz d. Dodemont, 143-141.

Team Compound: 1. Turkey (Bostan, Tomruk, ElMaagacli); 2. Great Britain; 3. United States (Alexis Ruiz, Cassidy Cox, Sophia Strachan); 4. Germany. Semis: Turkey d. U.S., 231-227; Great Britain d. Germany, 227-221. Third: U.S. d. Germany, 231-221. Final: Turkey d. Great Britain, 232-221.


Recurve: 1. San An/Jin Hyek Oh (KOR); 2. Alexandra Mica/Dan Olaru (MLD); 3. Elena Tonetta/Mauro Nespoli (ITA); 4. Bombayla Devi Laishram/Atul Verma (IND). Semis: Mica/Olaru d. Tonetta/Nespoli, 5-1; An/Oh d/ Laishram/Verma, 6-2. Third: Tonetta/Nespoli d. Laishram/Verma, 5-3. Final: An/Oh d. Mica.Olaru, 6-2.

Compound: 1. Ella Gibson/James Mason (GBR); 2. Toja Ellison/Stas Modic (SLO); 3. Viktoria Balzhanova/Alexander Dambaev (RUS); 4. Marcella Tonioli/Elia Fregnan (ITA). Semis: Gibson/Mason d. Tonioli/Fregnan, 148-145; Ellison/Modic d. Balzhanova/Dambaev, 148-146. Third: Balzhanova/Dambaev d. Tonioli/Fregnan, 151-149. Final: Gibson/Mason d. Ellison/Modic, 156-155.