ARCHERY: Koreans sweep Recurve finals in Macau

Olympic archery champion Jin-Hyek Oh (KOR)

Korea has been the dominant power in Olympic archery for the last 30 years and the World Archery Indoor World Cup in Macau (CHN) showed they are still in charge.

The fields were admittedly thin for this second leg of the Indoor World Cup series, but Korea’s 1-3 finish in the men’s Recurve division and a 1-2-3-4 sweep of the women’s competition was impressive.

The 2012 Olympic gold medalist, Jin-Hyek Oh – now 37 – won the men’s competition over the2016 Olympic silver winner, France’s Jean-Charles Valladont, by 6-2 in a high-quality final.

The Korean women’s sweep of the top four places came from a mix of young and old, with the victory going to Hun-Young Jeon (gold, age 24), who defeated the 2000 Olympic champion, Mi-Jun Yun (silver, now 35), 6-2 in the final. Dasomi Jung (28) was third; the Koreans were so good that Su-Jung Ryoo, 23, who set a world record for the qualifying round with 595/600 points (60 arrows from 18 m), could only manage fourth!

The Compound fields were very thin, and 2018 World Indoor Champion Mike Schloesser (NED) was the winner over India’s 2015 Worlds silver medalist, Rajat Chauhan, 147-146.

American Alexis Ruiz , 19, the 2017 World Youth Champion, won the women’s Compound class with a 146-141 victory over Nur Syahidah Alim (SGP).

The third leg of the Indoor World Cup comes in two weeks in Rome (ITA). Summaries:

World Archery Indoor World Cup
Macau (CHN) ~ 1-2 December 2018
(Full results here)

Men’s Recurve: 1. Jin-Hyek Oh (KOR); 2. Jean-Charles Valladont (FRA); 3. Seung-Shin Lee (KOR); 4. David Barnes (AUS). Semis: Oh d. Lee, 6-4; Valladont d. Barnes, 6-4. Third: Lee d. Barnes, 6-2. Final: Oh d. Valladont, 6-2.

Men’s Compound: 1. Mike Schloesser (NED); 2. Rajat Chauhan (IND); 3. Tae-Yoon Kim (KOR); 4. Iurii Demakov (RUS). Semis: Schloesser d. Demakov, 148-146; Chauhan d. Kim, 144-144 (9-9, closest to the center); Third: Kim d. Demakov, 146-141; Final: Schloesser d. Chauhan, 147-146.

Women’s Recurve: 1. Hun-Young Jeon (KOR); 2. Mi-Jin Yun (KOR); 3. Dasomi Jung (KOR); 4. Su-Jung Ryoo (KOR). Semis: Jeon d. Jung, 7-3; Yun d. Ryoo, 6-4. Third: Jung d. Ryoo, 6-4. Final: Jeon d. Yun, 6-2.

Women’s Compound: 1. Alexis Ruiz (USA); 2. Nur Syahidah Alim (SGP); 3. Fatimah Almashhadani (IRI); 4. Ravina Goyal (IND). Semis: Ruiz d. Goyal, 148-137; Alim d. Almashhadani, 139-138. Third: Almashhadani d. Goyal, 143-138. Final: Ruiz d. Alim, 146-141.