ALPINE SKIING: Vonn WILL ski in the 2019-2020 World Cup!

American skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn

American skiing star Lindsey Vonn has been recovering from a knee injury suffered on 19 November, which has prevented her from competing at one of her favorite venues, Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

Vonn has said that the 2018-19 World Cup season would be her last, but she is so enamored by the Lake Louise facility – on which she has had enormous success, with a staggering 18 wins – that she declared on her YouTube channel that she will competed in the 2019-20 World Cup season … at least to compete at Lake Louise.

“The whole point of having one last season is to have one last season — to race in every single race one last time, to make those final memories,” Vonn said in her video.

“Because I’m injured now, I can’t have that, and I feel like I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t take that one last chance to push out of the starting gate in Lake Louise.

“For me, this last season is just to enjoy it, to have fun. I’ve got a lot of pictures I need to take. … I’m going to be super sentimental. I’m probably going to cry a lot. But it’s going to be fun.”