5-RING CIRCUS: Calgary ends its 2026 Winter Games bid

The Calgary bid for the 2026 Winter Games was officially “suspended” by a 15-0 vote of the City Council, following the defeat of the citywide referendum last week.

The GamesBids.com site noted that only two bids – Stockholm (SWE) and Milan-Cortina (ITA) – remain as bidders from the seven cities which originally signaled serious interest in the Games. Graz (AUT), Sion (SUI) and Calgary all ended their bids as a result of local referenda; Sapporo (JPN) wants to bid for 2030 instead and Erzurum (TUR) was sidelined by the IOC as too costly.

The Italian bid appears to be steady, with financial support from the regional government rather than from Rome. The Stockholm bid has not yet secured solid support from governmental partners and could still be sidelined as well. Stay tuned …