The IOC changed its future, now what about the Paralympics?

PALM DESERT, July 17, 2017 – The International Olympic Committee made a decisive move for the future with its decision to select host cities for both the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games.

Now the International Paralympic Committee is getting ready to find its future through the election of a new governing board and a new president. But what is the IPC’s vision for the future?

Can it continue to grow? Will it do the one thing that will bring its athletes into the spotlight, unhindered by the shadow of the Olympic Games?

We check in on the IPC and its future in our Lane One commentary, plus a full coverage of the FINA World Championships in Aquatics and much more:

= p. 5/Diving: China still strong, but not invincible so far in Budapest!
= p. 11/Athletics: Sensational shot put series from U.S. & Olympic champ Ryan Crouser;
= p. 17/Cycling: Tour de France is getting serious now; are you paying attention yet?
= p. 23/Triathlon: U.S. scores silver in first-ever Relay World Championship race!
= p. 25/Wrestling: U.S. men’s Freestylers go 25-0 in Grand Prix of Spain!

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