FREESTYLE SKIING Preview: Confusion reigns in Slopestyle; Ski Cross returns to Blue Mountain

Swedish Freestyle star Sandra Naeslund

The first half of the Freestyle Skiing Slopestyle season will be completed with a men’s and women’s competition in Seiseralm (ITA) this weekend. With two events complete, there have been four winners and 11 different medal winners:

Stubai: 1. Henrik Harlaut (SWE); 2. Mac Forehand (USA); 3. Ferdinand Dahl (NOR)
Font Romeu: 1. Alex Hall (USA); 2. Philippe Langevin (CAN); 3. Andri Ragettli (SUI)

Stubai: 1. Kelly Sildaru (EST); 2. Sarah Hoefflin (SUI); 3. Mathilde Gremaud (SUI)
Font Romeu: 1. Sarah Hoefflin (SUI); 2. Eileen Gu (USA); 3. Giulia Tanno (SUI)

Swiss women have won four of the six medals available so far, but that’s hardly a pattern.

Ragettli is the defending men’s World Cup champ, finishing ahead of Dahl and Oscar Wester (SWE). Jennie-Lee Burmansson (SWE) won the women’s Slopestyle title, with Johanne Killi (NOR) second and Caroline Claire (USA) third, but none of them have made the podium this season (yet).

Nick Goepper of the U.S. beat Ragettli to win the Seiseralm title last season and Claire won out over Isabel Atkin (GBR) in the women’s competition.

Qualifying will be on Friday and the final on Sunday; you can find the results here.

Ski Cross comes to Ontario’s Blue Mountain

There are more events in Ski Cross than in any of the other Freestyle disciplines and just the sixth race out of 11 this season will take place this week at Blue Mountain in Ontario, Canada. The standings thus far:

1. 335 Bastien Midol (FRA)
2. 243 Alex Fiva (SUI)
3. 213 Jean-Frederic Chapuis (FRA)
4. 204 Jonathan Midol (FRA)
5. 172 Daniel Traxler (AUT)

1. 405 Fanny Smith (SUI)
2. 320 Marielle Thompson (CAN)
3. 310 Sandra Naeslund (SWE)
4. 192 Brittany Phelan (CAN)
5. 191 Heidi Zacher (GER)

The five men’s races have had five different winners: Jonas Lenherr (SUI), J. Midol, Joos Berry (SUI), B. Midol, Fiva and Chapuis. Bastien Midol is the season leader with three medals in five tries. Canada’s Brady Leman won the Blue Mountain event two years ago.

Smith has dominated the women’s racing, with three wins; Naeslund and Zacher have one each. Smith has four medals in the five races and Canada’s Thompson has three, and won this event two years ago in last Blue Mountain competition. She beat current competitors Naeslund and Smith in the final.

Look for results here.