FOOTBALL: U.S. steams into Round of 16 with 3-0 win over Chile; nine teams through to second round

Carli Loyd leads the U.S. front line vs. Sweden (Photo: FIFA)

The U.S. women’s National Team scored a workmanlike 3-0 victory over Chile in Paris to keep its record perfect in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup and advance to the second phase of the tournament.

Using a much different line-up than in the first match against Thailand, the U.S. got immediate dividends from Carli Lloyd, who scored twice in the first half, as well as a brilliant header from Julie Ertz off a corner kick from Tierna Davidson.

The 3-0 edge at halftime was the same for the Americans as against Thailand, but the U.S. was held scoreless in the second half, primarily due to sensational goalkeeping by Chile’s Christiane Endler, who stopped six shots, including two astonishing saves against Christen Press.

The game was played at the Parc des Princes in Paris and drew the largest crowd of the tournament so far, with 45,594 on hand.

The U.S. now has a 16-0 edge in scoring in its two matches and will play Sweden on Thursday for the group title. The Swedes beat Thailand, 5-1, in the first game on Sunday.

Along with the U.S. and Sweden, seven other teams have qualified for the playoff round: France, Germany, Italy, England, Japan, the Netherlands and Canada. If the U.S. wins its group, it could see Spain or China in the Round of 16. If the U.S. loses to Sweden, it would play the Netherlands or Canada.

Seven of the nine teams assured of playing in the second round are from Europe, which continues to dominate the tournament. Through two of the three rounds of group play, look at these comparative statistics (records shown as W-L-T):

Africa: 3 teams/6 games
● Record: 1-5-0
● Goals: 4-11
● Shots: 46-93
● Possession: 40-60%

Asia: 4 teams/8 games
● Record: 2-5-1
● Goals: 4-26
● Shots: 73-146
● Possession: 45-55%

North America: 3 teams/6 games
● Record: 4-2-0
● Goals: 19-8
● Shots: 128-41
● Possession: 61-39%

Oceania: 2 teams/4 games
● Record: 1-3-0
● Goals: 4-7
● Shots: 34-56
● Possession: 42-58%

South America: 3 teams/6 games
● Record: 1-4-1
● Goals: 5-9
● Shots: 45-100
● Possession: 42-58%

Europe: 9 teams/18 games
(3 games between European sides not counted)
● Record: 11-1-0 vs. non-European teams
● Goals: 31-6 vs. non-European teams
● Shots: 209-99
● Possession: 60-40%

It is quite possible that all nine European teams will make it into the playoff round; Scotland must defeat Argentina in its final game to try to qualify as a third-place team.

For more data and match scores, click here.

Ukraine won the FIFA U-20 World Cup held in Poland with a 3-1 victory over Korea on Saturday.

The game opened perfectly for Korea, as Ukraine was assessed a penalty in the first five minutes and Kangin Lee scored for a 1-0 lead. But Vladyslav Supriaha tied it in the 34th minute and the game was even at the half.

Supriaha scored again in the 53rd minute and then Heorhii Tsitaishvili sealed the title with a goal in the 89th minute for the 3-1 final.

Ukraine had never progressed past the Round of 16 previously in this tournament and keeper Andriy Lunin won the Golden Glove award.

The Golden Ball award went to Lee of Korea and the Silver Ball to Serhiy Buletsa (UKR). The top scorer was Norway’s Erling Haland, who scored nine times in the silly 12-0 win over Honduras and didn’t get another goal in the tournament. Ukraine’s Danylo Sikan and Sebastian Soto of the U.S. were two of the four players who had four goals in the tournament. Summary:

FIFA men’s U-20 World Cup
Poland ~ 23 May-15 June 2019
(Full results here)

Final Standings: 1. Ukraine; 2. South Korea; 3. Ecuador; 4. Italy; 5. Senegal; 6. United States; 7. Colombia; 8. Mali; 9. France; 10. Uruguay; 11. New Zealand; 12. Argentina; 13. Japan; 14. Poland; 15. Nigeria; 16. Panama (24 teams competed). Semis: Ukraine 1, Italy 0; South Korea 1, Ecuador 0. Third: Ecuador 1, Italy 0 (extra time). Final: Ukraine 3, South Korea 1.