CYCLING Preview: Urban World Champs starting in Chengdu

The second edition of the UCI’s Urban World Championships in cycling are getting underway in Chengdu (CHN), with competition in BMX Freestyle Park, Mountain Bike Eliminator and Trials.

For the Olympic event of BMX Freestyle Park, which will debut in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympic Games, the competition is really just an extension of last week’s Chengdu finale of the UCI World Cup. Those results showcased the favorites for this week’s Worlds:

∙ Chengdu:
1. Jake Wallwork (AUS)
2. Dennis Enarson (USA)
3. Declan Brooks (GBR)

∙ Season:
1. Martin Rantes (CRO)
2. Daniel Dhers (VEN)
3. Nick Bruce (USA)

∙ Chengdu:
1. Lara Lessmann (GER)
2. Hannah Roberts (USA)
3. Nikita Ducarroz (SUI)

∙ Season:
1. Hannah Roberts (USA)
2. Lara Lessmann (GER)
3. Nikita Ducarroz (SUI)

In terms of returning medal winners, five of last year’s six medalists will be back. Men’s gold medalist Logan Martin (AUS) is injured and won’t be competing, but Alex Coleborn (GBR) and Colton Walker (USA) are both entered.

Roberts and Lessmann – both still teenagers at 17 and 18 – were 1-2 last year at the Worlds, with American Angie Marino third and ready to move up in 2018.

Look for results here.