Why is FINA trying to keep swimmers from making money at swimming?

TSX HEADLINES – for December 17, 2018: Two Olympic gold medalists – one from the U.S. and one from Hungary – and a U.S. national champion have filed a class-action suit against the international federation for swimming, known as “FINA.” Why? Because they won’t let them swim for appearance and prize money in a series which (more…)

Larry Nassar preyed on young girls; why is gymnastics focused that way?

TSX HEADLINES – for December 14, 2018: The tragedy of the Larry Nassar sex-abuse scandal points out the dangers of placing children into a high-pressure situation, in the hands of adults with virtually unlimited power over them. The stories coming out of the Ropes & Gray report are horrific, but go well beyond what Nassar (more…)

The Nassar sex-abuse scandal: What actually happened (and didn’t happen)?

TSX HEADLINES – for December 12, 2018: The much-anticipated Ropes & Gray report on what happened, when and why in the Larry Nassar sex-abuse scandal at USA Gymnastics was released on Monday and it did not disappoint. In 252 pages, the report meticulously detailed the history of Nassar’s criminal adventures and how he was aided (more…)

USOC’s reformation attempt with gymnastics is only its latest NGB adventure

TSX HEADLINES – for December 10, 2018: If the United States Olympic Committee is successful in removing USA Gymnastics as the U.S. National Governing Body for that sport, the USOC is likely going to have to run gymnastics for a while, perhaps through the 2020 Olympic period. A problem? Well, the USOC has had a (more…)

USA Gymnastics to the USOC: “We’re not dead yet”

TSX HEADLINES – for December 7, 2018: The not-widely-foreseen filing by USA Gymnastics for financial protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code demonstrates considerable moxie on behalf of an organization which is considered a cast member of “The Walking Dead.” In a single act, USA Gymnastics shut down the current and future legal (more…)

Walking in parallel, the IOC and USOC are reworking their power over Olympic sports

TSX HEADLINES – for December 5, 2018: They didn’t plan it this way, but the International Olympic Committee and the United States Olympic Committee are walking, side-by-side, down two lanes of the same path. Both are now trying to figure how to discipline – or dismiss – two of their affiliated sports federations: the International (more…)

The IOC punches AIBA, is WADA being played for a dope in Russia, and Willie Banks wins

TSX HEADLINES – for December 3, 2018: There was a lot going on off the field this past weekend in international sports and we’re here to keep you informed. The International Olympic Committee is starting a process to de-certify the International Boxing Association (AIBA) akin to what the United States Olympic Committee is doing with (more…)

LA2028’s first presentation: “What are you going to do for the next 10 years?”

TSX HEADLINES – for November 30, 2018: Since being selected to host the 2028 Olympic Games last year, little has been heard from the LA28 organizing committee. It has been laying low, but Chair Casey Wasserman (pictured) was center stage at the General Assembly of the Association of National Olympic Committees in Tokyo. His presentation (more…)

Who’s the best? The IAAF is down to its top five Athlete of the Year nominees

TSX HEADLINES – for November 28, 2018: With all the reports of corruption, doping and financial problems, it’s nice to talk about sport for a change. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) will name its Athletes of the Year in Monaco next week, with five excellent choices in the men’s and women’s divisions. Who (more…)

Equestrian’s answer to a Games in distress: Bigger isn’t better

TSX HEADLINES – for November 26, 2018: The World Equestrian Games is designed to be a showcase for all of the equestrian disciplines and bring all sectors of the sport together, once every four years. But in 2018, under difficult conditions in Tryon, North Carolina, the event had problems and the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) (more…)