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WATER POLO: Germany, Croatia and Serbia unbeaten in men’s World Cup

The 16th edition of the quadrennial FINA Water Polo World Cup is still in group play in Berlin (GER). Through two of the three games in the group phase:

∙ Group A: Germany (2-0), Hungary (1-1), Australia (1-1), Japan (0-2)
∙ Group B: Croatia (2-0), Serbia (2-0), United States (0-2), South Africa (0-2)

Each team plays three round-robin games and the top-ranked team from each group will play the fourth-ranked team from the other group. The U.S. lost to Croatia (15-10) and Serbia (14-8) in its two games so far.

Serbia won this tournament in 2014, in 2010 and as Serbia and Montenegro, in 2006. The other power players have been Hungary and Croatia: Hungary won silver in 2014, 2006 and 2002, and Croatia won bronze in 2014 and silver in 2010.

Playoffs begin on the 14th and continue through Sunday. Look for scores here.

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