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TABLE TENNIS: Brazil wins eight medals in Pan American Champs

Kanak Jha (USA)

The Pan American Championships in Santiago (CHI) ended up being a showcase for Brazil and the United States, which led the medal table with eight and five medals, respectively.

The Brazilians (3-1-4) won both of the team titles, beating the U.S. each time, plus the men’s Doubles crown with Vitor Ishiy and Eric Jouti. The American squad (2-2-1) got wins from Kanak Jha in the men’s Singles category and a Mixed Doubles win from Jha and Yue Wu. Summaries:

ITTF Pan American Championships
Santiago (CHI) ~ 20-25 November 2018
(Full results here)

Men’s Singles: 1. Kanak Jha (USA); 2. Horacio Cifuentes (ARG); 3. Thiago Montiero (BRA) and Marcelo Aguirre (PAR). Semis: Jha d. Montiero, 4-3; Cifuentes d. Aguirre, 4-2. Final: Jha d. Cifuentes, 4-1.

Men’s Doubles: 1. Vitor Ishiy/Eric Jouti (BRA); 2. Marcelo Aguirre/Alejandro Toranzos (PAR); 3. Gaston Alto/Horacio Cifuentes (ARG) and Brian Afanador/Daniel Gonzalez (PUR). Semis: Ishiy/Jouti d. Alto/Cifuentes, 3-0; Aguirre/Toranzos d. Afanador/Gonzalez, 3-0. Final: Ishiy/Jouti d. Aguirre/Toranzos, 3-0.

Men’s Team: 1. Brazil; 2. United States; 3. Chile and Paraguay. Semis: Brazil d. Paraguay, 3-0; U.S. d. Chile, 3-2. Final: Brazil d. U.S., 3-0.

Women’s Singles: 1. Adriana Diaz (PUR); 2. Mo Zhang (CAN); 3. Lin Gui (BRA) and Bruna Takahashi (BRA). Semis: Diaz d. Takahashi, 4-1; Zhang d. Gui, 4-0. Final: Diaz d. Zhang, 4-1.

Women’s Doubles: 1. Alicia Cote/Mo Zhang (CAN); 2. Yue Wu/Lily Zhang (USA); 3. Lin Gui/Jessica Yamada (BRA) and Camila Arguelles/Ana Codina (ARG). Semis: Cote/Zhang d. Gui/Yamada, 3-0; Wu/Zhang d. Arguelles/Codina, 3-1. Final: Cote/Zhang d. Wu/Zhang, 3-1.

Women’s Team: 1. Brazil; 2. United States; 3. Canada and Cuba. Semis: Brazil d. Canada, 3-2; U.S. d. Cuba, 3-1. Final: Brazil d. U.S., 3-2.

Mixed Doubles: 1. Kanak Jha/Yue Wu (USA); 2. Marcos Madrid/Yadira Silva (MEX); 3. Gaston Alto/Ana Codina (ARG) and Vitor Ishiy/Bruna Takahashi (BRA). Semis: Jha/Wu d. Alto/Codina, 3-1; Madrid/Silva d. Ishiy/Takahashi, 301. Final: Jha/Wu d. Madrid/Silva, 3-1.

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