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SWIMMING Preview: FINA World Cup ends in Doha, Tyr Pro Swim Series starts in Greensboro

Two-time World Cup champion Vladimir Morozov (RUS), ready to be crowned again this week, in Doha (QAT)

Even without an International Swimming League meet this week, it’s a busy time for swimming, with the finale of the FINA Swimming World Cup and the start of USA Swimming’s Tyr Pro Swim Series.

● FINA Swimming World Cup ● Campbell tries to hold off Hosszu in Doha

The finale of the seven-leg FINA World Cup is in Doha (QAT), with the men’s seasonal title decided, but the women’s still up for grabs:

1. 297 Vladimir Morozov (RUS)
2. 210 Danas Rapsys (LTU)
3. 162 Michael Andrew (USA)
4. 153 Arno Kamminga (NED)
5. 129 Andrew Wilson (USA)

1. 300 Cate Campnbell (AUS)
2. 276 Katinka Hosszu (HUN)
3. 153 Michelle Coleman (SWE)
4. 141 Zsuzsanna Jakabos (HUN)
5. 120 Kira Toussaint (NED)

With a maximum of 60 points available in a single meet, Morozov has clinched the men’s title; he also won in 2016 and 2018. Campbell will be hard to beat; the key is if Hosszu can win her normal three events for maximum ranking points and then swim one time which is the best in the meet on the FINA Points Table, and earn 24 bonus points. The key entries from the 269 swimmers registered for the 2019 finale:

● Danas Rapsys (LTU) ~ 200-400-1,500 m Free, 200 m Medley
● Vladimir Morozov (RUS) ~ 50-100 m Free, 50 m Back
Michael Andrew (USA) ~ 50-100 m Free, 50-100 m Back, 50-100 m Breast, 50-100 m Fly, 200 m Medley

● Cate Campbell (AUS) ~ 50-100 m Free, 100 m Fly
● Katinka Hosszu (HUN) ~ 50-200-400 m Free, 50-100-200 m Back, 100-200 m Breast, 100-200 m Fly, 200-400 m Medley
● Michelle Coleman (SWE) ~ 50-100-200 m Free, 50 m Fly

Russia’s Vitalina Simonova, who swam all of the events (!) in earlier World Cups, has entered 15 of the 16 events available this time, skipping only the 200 m Fly.

There’s a lot of money on the line in this meet. In addition to the $1,500-1,000-500-400-300-200 for places 1-6 in each event, there are bonuses for the two-meet Kazan-Doha “cluster” of $50,000-35,000-30,000-20,000-10,000-5,000-4,000-3,000. And the seasonal bonuses of $150,000-100,000-50,000 for the top three in each gender.

Look for results here.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, USA Swimming’s Tyr Pro Swim Series runs from Wednesday through Saturday, with just the 1,500 m Free on Wednesday. The entries are pretty good, with a lot of familiar faces listed:

● Michael Chadwick ~ 50-100-200 m Free
● Ryan Lochte ~ 100-200 m Free, 200 m Back, 200 m Breast, 200 m Fly, 200 m Medley
● Zane Grothe ~ 200-400-1,500 m Free
● Andrew Wilson ~ 100-200 m Breast
● Luca Urlando ~ 200-400 m Free, 200 m Back, 100-200 m Fly, 200-400 m Medley
● Jacob Pebley ~ 100-200 m Back

● Simone Manuel ~ 50-100-200 m Free, 100 m Back, 100 m Fly
● Allison Schmitt ~ 100-200-400-800 m Free, 100 m Fly
● Katie Ledecky ~ 100-200-400-800 m Free, 200-400 m Medley
● Ashley Twichell ~ 200-400-800-1,500 m Free
● Molly Hannis ~ 100 m Breast
● Kathleen Baker ~ 200 m Back, 100 m Breast
● Madisyn Cox ~ 200-400 m Free, 100-200 m Breast, 200-400 m Medley
● Ella Eastin ~ 200-400 m Free, 100 m Back, 100 m Breast, 100-200 m Fly, 200-400 m Medley
● Hali Flickinger ~ 200-400 m Free, 100-200 m Back, 100-200 m Fly, 200-400 m Medley
● Kylie Masse (CAN) ~ 100 m Back

Lochte signaled he’s a contender for the 2020 Olympic Team with his win at the U.S. Nationals during the summer; same for teen sensation Urlando (still 17), who has signed up for seven races.

Ledecky has been in just one of the ISL meets so far and has a huge schedule of six events (if she swims them all), including both medleys. Former Stanford teammate Simone Manuel also has wandered beyond the Freestyle sprints, with the 100 m Back and 100 m Fly on her list.

As usual, Flickinger and Eastin will be among the hardest workers, with both signed up for eight events each, including both medleys.

Prize money of $1,500-1,000-500 is available to the top three finishers.

USA Swimming has a Webcast of the meet available online. Friday’s finals will be on NBC’s Olympic Channel at 6 p.m. Eastern time and Saturday’s finals will be on NBCSN, also at 6 p.m. Eastern. Look for results here.

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