Disciplinarians or hypocrites? What will the IOC do about Russia and weightlifting?

PALM DESERT, November 29, 2017 – The International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board will have a full agenda when it meets on 5-6 December, including deciding whether Russia will be permitted to compete at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and whether weightlifting will be confirmed on the program of the 2024 Games in Paris.

While the IOC’s Oswald Commission makes headlines almost daily with confirmations of doping disqualifications of Russian athletes from the 2014 Winter Games, the International Weightlifting Federation is beginning its 2017 World Championships with a more serious tone, having banned nine countries – including Russia – for multiple doping infractions.

Will the IOC play disciplinarian or hypocrite in the decisions it makes regarding these two groups: one repentant and reformed and the other defiant and vowing to fight the IOC anywhere it can. Get the story in our Lane One commentary, plus our first look at the week ahead:

= p. 6/Phil Hersh: The collapsing U.S. women’s figure skating situation for PyeongChang;
= p. 10/Weightlifting: Crossroads World Championships for this sport starts in Anaheim;
= p. 12/Anti-Doping: Five more Russian doping disqualifications; 11 medals now rescinded!
= p. 14/Fencing: Powerful U.S. men’s and women’s Foil teams at Turin Grand Prix;
= p. 17/Wrestling: U.S. wins three medals in inaugural U-23 World Championships!

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