CYCLING Preview: Kimmann and Smulders home in Papendal for second leg of the BMX World Cup

Dutch BMX star Niek Kimmann, the 2015 World Champion

The Dutch have been among the most successful riders in the BMX Supercross series and this week’s second stage of the UCI BMX World Cup is in Papendal for two races on Saturday and Sunday, for both men and women.

The line-ups are outstanding:

● Sylvain Andre (FRA) ~ 2018 World Champion
● Joris Daudet (FRA) ~ 2011-16 World Champion, 2018 Worlds silver; 2011 World Cup gold
● Anderson de Souza Filho (BRA) ~ 2018 World Championships bronze medalist
● Niek Kimmann (NED) ~ 2015 World Champion; 2018 World Cup seasonal winner
Corben Sharrah (USA) ~ 2016 World Cup winner; 2017 World Champion
● David Graf (SUI) ~ 2016 World Cup seasonal silver medalist
● Tre Whyte (GBR) ~ 2014 World Championships bronze medalist
● Kye Whyte (GBR) ~ 2019 World Cup/Manchester II winner

● Simone Christensen (DEN) ~ 2016-17 World Cup seasonal bronze; 2015 Worlds bronze
● Mariana Pajon (COL) ~ 2012-16 OG gold; 2013-15 World Cup gold; 2014-16 World Champ
● Laura Smulders (NED) ~ 2016-17-18 World Cup winner; 2018 World Champion
● Merel Smulders (NED) ~ 2018 Worlds silver medalist
● Judy Baauw (NED) ~ 2018 Worlds bronze medalist
● Sarah Walker (NZL) ~ 2011 World Cup winner
● Saya Sakakibara (AUS) ~ 2018 World Cup runner-up
Alise Willoughby (USA) ~ 2012-15 World Cup bronze; 2017 World Champ; 2016 OG silver

In the opening races in Manchester (GBR), Daudet and the surprising Kye Whyte won the men’s races and Christensen and 2013 Worlds bronze medalist Manon Valentino (FRA) took the women’s events.

Dutchstars Kimmann and Laura Smulders have to rank as favorites in Papendal: Kimmann has won there in 2015 and 2018, and Smulders has won there five times in 2014-16-17 (2)-18, including four wins in a row until Willoughby won the final race last year. Andre has also won there for the men as well as Daudet. Pajon owns wins in Papendal in 2013 and 2015.

Look for results here.