YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES: So far, a success!

The third edition of the International Olympic Committee’s YOG continues in Buenos Aires with lots of events and – judging by the television coverage – pretty good attendance at some of the venues.

These Games, for athletes from 14-18 years old, include 32 sports, which are not being covered so much as world-class athletic events, but as a celebration of young people competing under the Olympic flag. Consider the athlete comments provided the Olympic Information Service:

∙ “As much as I would have loved for my middle name to have something to do with the Olympic Games, I have to be honest and say it doesn’t,” said shooter Daria Olimpia Haristiade (ROU), who inherited her middle name from her mother. “Maybe the fact that my middle name is Olimpia and I’m here at the Youth Olympic Games is just destiny.”

∙ Swimmer Ky Odlum from the Virgin Islands noted that – as Olympic Games veterans know – pins are a great starting point for meeting new people!

“You actually get to interact with people from other teams and the excitement that they have … I didn’t realize how much people love the pins. So when you pull it out, they’re like, ‘Wow.’ So you actually get to meet people a lot. You have a reason to talk to people.”

He explained that he’s become quite popular, especially for having the rare team pin from the U.S. Virgin Islands!

The organizing committee reported that 80,000 spectators came to the venues in the four main sports parks and stand-alone sites on Sunday, but there have been no reports on attendance since. One announcement stated that more than 200,000 students would attend a YOG event.

The event looks very good on video – congratulations to the IOC’s Olympic Channel for the high quality – but with some good attendance showing, shouldn’t a daily attendance figure be published? (Answer: yes.)