The NCAA as small potatoes? Are World Collegiate Championships coming?

PALM DESERT, May 12, 2017 – The NCAA is a college sports behemoth, collecting nearly a billion dollars a year in revenue, mostly from television rights to its men’s Division I basketball tournament.

But what if – at least in some sports – an NCAA championship became just a stepping stone to a larger prize: a World Collegiate Championship?

It’s not here yet, but the foundations are being laid by a Russian educator working for a Swiss organization that has been around since 1949. How is this happening?

The details are in our Lane One commentary, plus a preview of this weekend’s highlights:

= p. 4/Athletics: How long has it been since Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson lost a sprint?
= p. 5/Cycling: Slovakia’s Peter Sagan is the fave in the Amgen Tour of California;
= p. 7/Rugby: U.S. Eagles in Paris and trying for best World Sevens finish ever;
= p. 8/Triathlon: Can New Zealand’s Andrea Hewitt stay undefeated in Yokohama?
= p. 11/Ice Hockey: Young American squad now 3-1 in men’s World Championships!